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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Russian Football fans - UPDATE

A picture of this special troups here in the old Town.

This time it's much more clear, because it was not taken with a mobile phone.

Russian Football Fans - OH DEAR!

One of our Employees, Nigel had yesterday his bachelor day, the poor guy gets married this Saturday.
For this purpose we went into the irish pub to have a few nice beers and whisky.

At around 1am in the night Russian football fans vandaled directly in front of our “beloved” irish pub!

Lot’s of police – 45 russian people arrested, 7 people knocked down by knifes, and a lot of action outside.

Later, special anti-terrorist groups masked and armored to teeth secured the streets in the old city center.

Picture on the left shows a police officer just a moment before he knocks down 2 russian guys.

Outside the whole street looks like the playground of hell.

Everywhere russian guys laying down along the streets in the center in handcuffs.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Usually when i go out on the balcon to smoke a cigarette i notice a lot of young couples outside standing opposite street and kissing. Well, thats not really something new. But this couple breaks all records so far - 3 hours in a row so far standing in our office street and kissing. I'll check in the evening when i leave office again if they are still there...

Pizza Boxes & Co

Somehow i should get rid of these pizza boxes atleast once a week...

Thanks god nobody sees the bottles behind the machines ;-)

New Sober Worm...

Ah oh well...
Nothing special with this worm anyway. Uses same old methods known from older sober versions, such as exclusive file locking, terminating cleaners and displaying a fake msg box, using language depended email subjects/text etc... bah... really boring stuff... Just finished the virus description. Suprisingly today is a big run into the office from strangers who all want to buy NOD32. I can't believe that people still clicking on all attachments which has a picture icon. They'll proberly never will learn...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New Mytobs spotted

There are a few new Mytob worms, as it seems none of them are widely spreaded so far.

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