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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Russian Football Fans - OH DEAR!

One of our Employees, Nigel had yesterday his bachelor day, the poor guy gets married this Saturday.
For this purpose we went into the irish pub to have a few nice beers and whisky.

At around 1am in the night Russian football fans vandaled directly in front of our “beloved” irish pub!

Lot’s of police – 45 russian people arrested, 7 people knocked down by knifes, and a lot of action outside.

Later, special anti-terrorist groups masked and armored to teeth secured the streets in the old city center.

Picture on the left shows a police officer just a moment before he knocks down 2 russian guys.

Outside the whole street looks like the playground of hell.

Everywhere russian guys laying down along the streets in the center in handcuffs.


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